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Further steps of European public employment services in current crisis

On 25 – 26 June the working meeting of Directors General responsible for public employment services will take place under the leadership of the Czech Presidency and in cooperation with the European Commission in Prague. A parallel meeting of the High-Level Group for Strategy of the European Employment Service (EURES) is also planned.

The Directors General will discuss particularly the strengthening of the role of public employment services within the framework of the European employment strategy during the current economic crisis at both national end EU level. They will focus, inter alia, on the main use and implementation of the principles of flexicurity, and they will also discuss the working programme of the European network of public employment services for 2010. In the context of the modernisation of public employment services the points on the agenda will include the first results of the Working Groups responsible for new skills, new jobs and new approaches to geographical and job mobility.

The meeting of the High-Level Group for the EURES strategy will be devoted to the possible development of European employment services after 2010 in the context of the European employment strategy. The discussion will be the basis for the conference to be held in autumn 2009 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of EURES.

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Updated: 23.6.2009

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