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Contents Thematic conference: “Social services – Tool for Mobilisation of Work Force and for Strengthening of Social Cohesion” + Informal Meeting of the Social Protection Committee (SPC):

Thematic conference: “Social services – Tool for Mobilisation of Work Force and for Strengthening of Social Cohesion” + Informal Meeting of the Social Protection Committee (SPC)

This conference is about mapping of the significant changes taking place in the dynamic sector of social services, both from the view of employment and employability in the given field. The social services are affected also by changes in the family, i.e. changing pattern of the reproduction behaviour of individuals and changing pattern of behaviour of families. The sector of social services, that is its range, types and nature of services, can significantly promote integration of persons, who are in danger of social exclusion and who are at the edge of the labour market.

Social Protection Committee (SPC) is an advisory body of the council. The committee provides statements on the request of the Council or EC and helps with preparation of the meetings of the Council. There will be a formal meeting of SPC in Brussels in order to prepare the Council. The informal meeting of SPC usually takes place in the country, that holds the presidency in the EU Council. It usually deals with one of the key themes of the presidency in this area.


In accordance with the sectoral priorities of the Czech EU Presidency, the conference will focus on social services as a tool for prevention of social exclusion and for active inclusion of the most vulnerable persons. At the same time the conference will discuss social services as an area of growing opportunities for jobs in view of demographic development in the European Union, and the process of strengthening network of social services delivered in people´s homes and communities. The availability of social services will be addressed in terms of location, financing and type. In the context of an active inclusion policy, the Czech EU Presidency will support the combination of policies in the areas of labour market integration, workforce mobility, motivation to find a job, support for an adequate income and high-quality, accessible and efficient social services.

The opening panel I on “Sustainability, Quality and Accessibility of Social Services” will deal with the question how to combine sustainability, quality and accessibility in the provision of social services. The starting point of the analysis will be the growing demands for social services, notably related to ageing of population and changes in family structures. The weight of social services in the European economies and societies, in terms of financial resources devoted to these services, will also be discussed.

Panel II “Social Services – Creating New Job Opportunities” will address issues related to employment in the social services sector. Due to the economic and demographic development, new job opportunities will be created in the social services sector. The role of public authorities in the organisation and provision of social services will be discussed, as well as the role of providers of social services as employers. This panel will also deal with the question of finding the right balance between high-quality services, the resulting skill requirements and the level of service supply. Finally, it will discuss the role of informal carers and their impact on the demand for human resources in the social services sector, and skill requirements for social services workers.

Panel III “Social Services – An Effective Tool for Active Inclusion” will examine the role of social services in active inclusion and their potential to enhance employability and integration of people into the labour market. It will also address governance principles and methods (stakeholders’ involvement, accountability, etc.) and the role of social economy.

The conference will be accompanied by the Forum of Examples of Good Practice (held on 23 April 2009), in which European and Czech NGOs will be given the possibility of presenting their activities.

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