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Meeting of Technical Working Group of the European Social Fund Committee (ESF)

The ESF Committee is an advisory body of the Commission. The Committee consists of three representatives of each member country (1 representative of the government, 1 representative of the employers and 1 representative of the employees). The Technical Working group of the ESF Committee was established in 1998 as a sub-group of the ESF Committee focused on practical issues, especially concerning the control, programming, realisation, monitoring, financial aspects etc. It is an informal group consisting of representatives of the government in the ESF Committee (1 representative from each member country); on behalf of the employer and employee group there is 1 representative for each group. The meeting of the TWG and ESF Committee is always preceded by a preparatory meeting of the members of the individual groups, which is chaired by a representative of the presiding country.

It is a regular high-level expert meeting attended by high representatives of the European Social Fund, usually department or section managers, and by two representatives for each Member State. The Czech Presidency has further invited the representatives of its ministerial partners – the Ministry for Regional Development, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and the Prague City Hall.

The agenda of the meeting is prepared by the European Commission in light of the current situation in the ESF. The Czech Republic has proposed that the agenda should include discussion regarding the exchange of experience with the results of audits carried out by the European Commission and regarding the simplification of administrative procedures within ESF projects in relation to the amendment to the ESF Regulation (pending).

The Working Group of the European Social Fund Committee was founded in 1998 as a subgroup of the European Social Fund Committee and has since focused on practical issues, including, but not limited to, management, programming, implementation, monitoring and financial aspects.

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Updated: 31.3.2009

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