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Thematic Conference: “Flexicurity in Times of Economic Crisis” + Informal Meeting of the Employment Committee (EMCO)

The conference shall consists of several thematic blocks.

After the introductory word of the minister Petr Nečas the individual blocks will come.

  • Implementation of the flexi-safety principles in the new economic context – introductory word of the commissioner Vladimír Špidla and the British employment minister Pat McFadden.
    1. block: Support for transfers in the labour market: basic aspect of implementation of the flexi-safety policy.
    2. block: Life long education: adapting the education to the labour market needs on the path to recovery.
    3. block: Focus on the most endangered: modernisation of the social protection and motivation support.

Employment Committee (EMCO) is an advisory body of the Council. It prepares statements on the request of the Council or EC and helps with preparation of the meetings of the Council. Its chairman Emilio Gabaglio (Italy) was elected in early 2007. The functional period of the EMCO chairman is two years and the presiding country organises election of the new chairman. Thus the Czech presidency will organise the election of a new chairman. The Commission plays the role of secretariat for EMCO.

The informal meetings of EMCO usually take place in the country, which is presiding over the EU Council. The meetings usually treat one of the key topics of the presiding country in this field. We suggest to merge the informal EMCO meeting with a thematic conference, as the selected topics are related.

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Updated: 13.3.2009

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