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Thematic Conference: “Strengthening EU Competitiveness – Potential of Migrants on the Labour Market“

The conference will consist of several thematic sections:

  • Labour potential in EU as a part of the Lisabon strategy – representatives of the employers will share their experience with employment of foreigners, especially concerning the exploitation of their skills and knowledge. They will also speak about the influence of the foreigners on the labour market.
  • Boosting the EU competitiveness through the full use of labour migration – there will be discussed methods of spreading the key information to the migrants and their potential employers. A big attention will be paid to the options of specific help to the employees during their integration into the host society.
  • Tools for elimination of obstacles to social integration of migrants into the labour market – among these tools we will emphasise the increased cooperation among the state, private and non-profit sector and social partners.
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Updated: 13.3.2009

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