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  • (File .pdf)Early childcare – central topic of meeting of Family Affairs Ministers
    ilustrační fotoOn 4 and 5 February, EU Ministers for Family Affairs will head for Prague to discuss forms of early childcare in relation to the implementation of the Barcelona objectives. The meeting will be followed by a Presidency conference on parental childcare and employment policy on 5-6 February. The Presidency aims to strengthen the perception of domestic parental care of small children as a form of employment in its own right.
  • (File .pdf)EPSCO in Luhačovice: Labour Mobility to Cure Financial and Economic Crisis
    ilustrační foto23 January was the last day of the official part of the informal meeting of EU Minister for Employment and Social Affairs. Its aim was to highlight the role of workforce mobility in enhancing labour market flexibility, social cohesion and economic growth in the EU. Many countries appreciated the decision of the Czech Presidency to choose the mobility of the workforce as a major priority.
  • (File .pdf)An informal meeting of ministers for employment starts today in Luhačovice
    A three-day meeting of EU ministers that will last from 22 January until Saturday, 24 January, was opened today by Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Petr Nečas.
  • (File .pdf)Speech by Petr Nečas, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, in the European Parliament on 20 January
    Presentation of the priorities of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU before the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Petr Nečas.
  • (File .pdf)Informal Meeting of Ministers for Employment and Social Affairs
    The meeting of the Ministers will start on Thursday, 22 January at 16:00 in Luhačovice and it will last until Saturday, 24 January.
  • (File .pdf)Minister Nečas to Deliver a Speech to European Parliament on behalf of Presidency
    Minister Petr Nečas will present the four priorities and the principal events of the Czech Presidency to the European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs on Tuesday, 20 January, in Brussels.
  • (File .pdf)Undersecretaries met in Prague to discuss the working hours directive
    ilustrační fotoThe Employment and Social Affairs Undersecretaries from all of the EU member states met at Prague’s Liechtenstein Palace yesterday (14.1.) in order to discuss the further joint approach in the search for a compromise between the EU Council and the European Parliament with regard to the review of the working hours directive. All of the member states supported the efforts of the Czech Presidency, which was represented by Michal Sedláček, the Undersecretary for European Affairs, to achieve a compromise in the coming months.
  • (File .pdf)Presidency Seeks Consensus with EP on Working Time Directive Revision
    The Presidency is ready to negotiate actively with both the EP and the Member States. The 1st debate with Member States on the level of deputies/state secretaries will be held on 14 January at 18:00 in the Liechtenstein Palace, Prague.
  • (File .pdf)Labour Ministers to Discuss Mobility and the Working Time Directive
    The Informal Meeting of Ministers for Employment and Social Affairs will take place in Luhačovice on 22 – 24 January. Chaired by Minister Petr Nečas, EU Members will discuss the mobility of workers and the Working Time Directive.
  • (File .pdf)Czech Presidency Priorities - Department of Employment and Social Affairs
    Restrictions on the free movement of workers constitute a major barrier to the development of the internal market, hampering full use of the real potential of the EU Member States and the EU as a whole. Consequently, the primary objective of the Czech Presidency will be to emphasise the benefits, for the EU's competitiveness, of full liberalisation of the movement of workers within the EU and the simplification and increase of professional and geographic mobility of workers in the labour market.

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