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Social security of migrants

StateDate of signatureEntry into forceCollection of Laws
(Treaty Coll.)
Sickness and maternity benefitsPensionsWorking accidents and occupational diseasesUnemployment benefitsFamily benefitsFuneral benefits
Medical careCash benefitsMedical careCash benefits
Bosnia & Herzegovina422.5.19571.12.19573/1958URURURURUR URUR
Bulgaria25.11.19981.1.20002/2000 OO O OO
Canada24.5.20011.1.20031/2003  UR     
Cyprus19.1.19991.3.2000106/2000 URUR URURURUR
France12.10.19481.7.1949215/1949O1OO O  O
Hungary30.1.19591.12.195921/1960OOOOO O 
Chille7.12.20001.3.200423/2004UR1 UR     
Israel16.7.20001.7.200273/2002O5OOO6O O 
Lithuania27.5.19991.8.2000136/2000 URUR URURURUR
Macedonia422.5.19571.12.19573/1958URURURURUR URUR
Netherlands230.5.20011.9.200293/2002 URUR   UR (Niz.) 
Romania24.9.20021.3.200425/2004URURURURUR UR 
Russia32.12.19591.7.1960116/1960OOOOO O 
Serbia & Montenegro17.1.20021.12.2002130/2002URURURURURURUR 
Slovakia29.10.19921.1.1993228/1993 URUR UROURUR
Slovenia422.5.19571.12.19573/1958URURURURUR URUR
Switzerland10.7.19961.7.1997267/1997 URO O   
Ukraine4.7.20011.4.200329/2003 OO OOOO
USA212.7.196812.7.1968nepubl.  O     
OAgreement covers only nationals of the Czech Republic and of the second contractual state
URUniversal scope - the agreement covers all persons, who were subject to the legislation of the Czech Republic and to the second contractual state
 Ratification process in progress

1) comprises only medical care provided to pensioners
2) agreement on payment of benefits only
3) agreement between Czechoslovak Republic and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
4) agreement between Czechoslovak Republic and the Federal People´s Republic of Yugoslavia
5) comprises only medical care in case of unexpected childbearing
6) comprises only urgent medical care

Author: MPSV
Updated: 10.10.2005

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